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About Us

Estacada High School, "where learning comes first” is our mission as we continue our journey away from “teaching” and towards a focus on “learning.” To support this movement we have become a leader in proficiency based learning and our grading/assessment system is 100% proficiency based. In addition, we have changed our weekly schedule to include time within the schedule day for enrichment, re-assessing, and re-teaching to assist students in their “learning” journey.

We expect ALL students to grow and improve in academic achievement. In addition, we ask each student to dedicate hours of community service before they graduate in an attempt to make a difference in our local, regional, and world communities.

As we progress we have put in place a plan to assist us in increasing our student writing and our graduation rates for ALL subgroups and students. In addition, we plan to continue planning and providing resources to maintain a comprehensive high school and maintain a full complement of electives in Career Technical Education, the Fine Arts, and in core subject areas. Our staff will continue to focus on meeting the needs of individual students and moving ALL students towards mastery/proficiency of all essential learning targets.

Even though our goal is to graduate every student at Estacada High School, career and college ready within four years, we are also committed to the idea that “learning is the constant and time is the variable” keeping in line with our “Learning First” approach. With this in mind we place a premium on preparing ALL students to meet and exceed all proficiency levels in all courses, regardless of the time it takes to complete this task. We will not give up on a student if they need “more time” to learn what we expect from all students.