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Welcome to Ranger Athletics!

We would like to welcome your student to EHS this fall and get you all the information for our upcoming fall athletic programs. If your student is interested in any winter and spring athletics please email those coaches or the high school athletic office to get involved with any of our programs.  We are very lucky to have such capable coaches here at EHS to help all of our students succeed. Our athletic teams this past school year have not only played well but some have gone on to participate in Tri-Valley Conference Championships and OSAA State competitions. All student athletes participating in a school sponsored athletic program will maintain passing grades in at least five classes. Estacada High School is dedicated to the academic success of each student and we believe in supporting students in their pursuit of a balanced high school experience. 

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What it means to be a Ranger

Take ownership for the successes and failures of the team. Have great character. Be a great teammate and person. Lead by example. Make others around you better. Be at every practice. Be confident with the soccer ball. Be in great shape. Play physical and fast. WORK HARD no matter what. Respect teammates, the opposition and the referee. Do your best in academics. BE PART OF SOMETHING BETTER.

A coach will impact more people in one year than an average person will in an entire lifetime. 

Billy Graham